Corporate Passport Programs

FMC’s Corporate Passport Program is designed to help corporations take their employees’ skills to the next level and enhance productivity, while making the most of limited training dollars.

How it Works

The Corporate Passport Program* offers organizations the incredible opportunity to optimize savings while providing the ultimate flexibility in the development of training plans. Through this volume purchasing option, companies can buy pre-paid credits called Training Vouchers that can be used by anyone within an organization, at any time. The Training Vouchers can be applied for video editing, motion graphics, web design, and desktop publishing classes. Training vouchers can also be used for premium* and IT classes –please speak to a corporate account manager for further details.

By purchasing Training Vouchers, organizations can easily save thousands of dollars each year. This provides flexibility for managers who are in the budget planning stage and may not be able to specifically identify personnel who need training. It also provides convenience for organizations planning a new technology rollout and may need to train different departments at different times, but still want to enjoy the savings provided by volume purchasing.

Smaller businesses can also enjoy significant savings with the purchase of the smaller packages.

The program is not available to individuals in New York state.


  • Volume purchasing means discounted pricing and locked in prices for the year.
  • Ease of budgeting and purchasing – purchase vouchers up-front and use throughout the year as needed.
  • Usage flexibility – use vouchers for multiple projects, departments, and products.
  • Easy management – FMC provides a dedicated Corporate Account Manager to manage your individual program.
  • Ideal for both large and small organizations.

Available Packages

Standard Passport Training Pricing:
Training DaysInvestmentPrice/DayRegular Price/DaySavings
15 days$5,900.00$393.00$495 – 639$1,525 – 3,685
25 days$9,200.00$368.00$495 – 639$3,175 – 6,775
50 days$17,000.00$340.00$495 – 639$7,750 – 14,950
75 days$24,750.00$330.00$495 – 639$12,375 – 23,175
100 days$32,000.00$320.00$495 – 639$17,500 – 31,900
Premium Passport Training Pricing:
Training DaysInvestmentPrice/DayRegular Price/DaySavings
15 days$8,350.00$556.00$595 – 700$585 – 2,160
25 days$13,175.00$527.00$595 – 700$1,700 – 4,325
50 days$24,200.00$484.00$595 – 700$5,550 – 10,800
75 days$35,150.00$468.00$595 – 700$9,525 – 17,400
100 days$44,800.00$448.00$595 – 700$14,700 – 25,200

Contact your Corporate Account Manager today to discuss voucher packages and your options for managing them.

Learn the value of certification.

*Terms and conditions for FMC’s Corporate Passport Program.

**Premium classes include Tricaster, Avid MC 400, Apple care and Mac OS classes.