Lesson 7: Editing Text

  • Finding and changing a missing font
  • Entering and importing text
  • Finding and changing text and formatting
  • Checking spelling
  • Editing text by dragging and dropping
  • Using the Story and Copy Editor
  • Using Track Changes


Lesson 8: Working with Typography

Adjusting vertical spacing

  • Working with fonts, type styles, and glyphs
  • Fine-tuning columns
  • Changing paragraph alignment
  • Creating a drop cap
  • Adjusting letter and word spacing
  • Adjusting and creating line breaks
  • Setting tabs
  • Adding a rule above a paragraph
  • Working with paragraph rules and shading


Lesson 9: Working with Styles

  • Creating and applying paragraph styles
  • Creating and applying character styles
  • Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles
  • Creating and applying object styles
  • Creating and applying table and cell styles
  • Globally updating styles
  • Loading styles from another document
  • Using InDesign Libraries with styles


Lesson 10: Creating Tables

Working with tables

  • Creating a table
  • Converting text to a table
  • Changing rows and columns
  • Formatting a table
  • Adding graphics to table cells
  • Creating a header row
  • Creating and applying table and cell styles


Lesson 11: Importing and Modifying Graphics

  • Adding graphics from other programs
  • Comparing vector and bitmap graphics
  • Managing links to imported files
  • Updating revised graphics
  • Adjusting display quality
  • Importing and sizing graphics
  • Editing placed graphics
  • Working with dropped backgrounds
  • Importing native Adobe graphic files
  • Using Subject Aware Text Wrap
  • Filling Type with a graphic
  • Using an InDesign library to manage objects
  • Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics


Lesson 12: Printing and Exporting

  • Preflighting
  • Packaging files
  • Creating an Adobe PDF proof