The New Apple Pro Video Training and Certifications

Apple and FMC are pleased to announce a new initiative that offers training and certifications for Apple Pro Video Apps, starting with Final Cut Pro.

Planned for the first quarter of 2022, the Apple Training Network website will feature:

  • Live, interactive training courses in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and German
  • FCP Certification Exams
  • Recorded Exam Prep workshops in multiple languages 
  • Live Conferences supported by Apple
  • On-site training services
  • Certification Prep Workshops


The Network will feature three, distinct, end-user Exams and Accreditations.

Apple pro-use taking their certification course online

Stay tuned for the release of the following Apple certifications:

SocialPro, VideoPro, & Post-ProductionPro FCP Certifications icons

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Use the form below to get email updates